Why IJ2

IJSquared is a combination of my children’s names. Isaac, Jonathan and Jordan (IJ2). What worked great with the name however, is that it has some panache, it’s something that will stand out and be easily remembered.

We are a young technology company in the Albuquerque area and is all about using technology to solve problems. Maybe those problems could be approached by developing an application that will get feedback from customers, or answers to poll questions. It may come down to simply designing a website so you can reach new potential customers. Whatever you problem is, let IJ2 handle it.

Our Goal

IJ2 also finds pleasure in creating other forms of entertainment, such as mobile and web games, education apps, world news and current events, and just about whatever else we find interesting. We hope to one day acheive the ability to affect the lives of millions of people. Through entertainment, to education, it is our goal to provide people with interesting applications.